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Beijing SinoHytec Co.,Ltd(referred to as Sinohytec, stock code 834613) is a state-level high-tech enterprise established in 2004, focusing on hydrogen fuel cell engine R & D and industrialization.

With core technology research more than ten years, Sinohytec has undertaken several projects, including Development and Test Operation of Fuel Cell City Bus Demonstration Project being part of electric vehicle major projects in national ‘863’plan, Renewable Hydrogen Production and HCNG Urban Bus Development Project, R & D and Industrialization of Powertrain Controller for New Energy Vehicle Project, Commercial Demonstration of Fuel Cell Buses in China sponsored by UNDP and made great achievements on design of complete hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, development of Hydrogen fuel cell engine and electronic control system, construction and operation of vehicle Hydrogen station and Hydrogen energy demonstration garden.

Hydrogen fuel cell engine products by independent development and R & D cover buses, logistics vehicles, passenger cars, trams, forklifts, ships and so on. It currently cooperates with sever domestic mainstream vehicle plants including major partners such as Yutong Bus, Beiqi FOTON Motor and CRRC.

In 2016 Sinohytec achieved a breakthrough (zero) of Chinese companies in capital market by officially listing in the New Three Board and became the First Share of Hydrogen power in China. As China's hydrogen industry pioneer and explorer, in the future Sinohytec will continue to focus on Hydrogen fuel cell engine technology innovation, unite all links in Hydrogen industry and lead core technology of China's Hydrogen fuel cell vehicle in order to promote the healthy development of China's Hydrogen industry.